Three better cotton varieties on pipeline

Werer Agricultural Research Center has announced that it is prepared to disseminate three best cotton varieties across Ethiopia.  

Arekebe Gebregzabeher, a cotton breeding researcher at Werer Agricultural Center told Walta that the center is well-underway in its process to disseminate three varieties of cotton.     

According to Arekebe, the center is undertaking the duplication of three cotton varieties in order to address farmers and investors needs across the country.        

Arkebe noted that the center has also imported, and tested a Turkish pest resistant cotton variety that can give about 30 quintals per hectare in diverse ecological areas found across the country.    

Recently, Ethiopia experts’ are working to increase the average yield of cotton per hectare from 18 quintals to 30.   

Initially called the Melka Werer Agricultural Research Station, it was established in 1964, by the Ministry of Agriculture. Its main objective was to conduct research on the cotton crop with the goal of supporting cotton farms throughout the Awash valley. Eventually, Melka was transferred to the Institute of Agricultural Research in 1966. Today, Werer Agricultural Research Center plays an important role in researching activities in oil crops, irrigated agriculture, and releasing irrigable cotton varieties for various beneficiaries. Initially called,

Ethiopia currently has the potential of over 3 million hectares of land suitable for cotton development.

Source: Walta Information