Seven foreign companies acquired sheds in Mekelle Industrial Park

Companies based outside of Ethiopia have acquired 7 of the 15 factory sheds in Mekelle Industrial Park, which was built over 75,000 hectares of land and dedicated for apparel and textile manufacturing.

Commenting on the matter, Goitom Gebrekidan, general manager of Mekelle Industrial Park, noted that recruited apparel and textile firms had contracted with the park to start production. Companies from Bangladesh took a major share to show interest, he explained.

Starting from September, companies that had acquired factory sheds would start installing machinery and scheduled to start production in 9 months’ time, Goitom furthered.

Tigray Regional State Small and Medium-sized Manufacturing Industries Development Agency, on its part, explained that it had started recruiting employees for the park.

According to Head of the Agency, Tilahun Tareke, 10,000 workers from across the country will be employed during the first round. Currently, there are almost 27,000 people that have actually applied for the employment opportunities.

In addition to this Tilahun explained, 95 percent of the employees will be women.

Source: Fana Broadcasting Corporation