Amhara Region Contract Farming Sensitization Workshop Successfully Completed in Gonder

A contract farming sensitization workshop was held on March 16, 2019, in Gonder in the Amhara Region. The workshop, which is organized by Enterprise Partners, was attended by Regional Bureau of Trade and Industry, Regional and Zonal Bureau of Cooperative Development Agency, Regional Institute of Agriculture Research, the Gonder research centre, the Regional ATA, Farmers representatives and other stakeholders. MoTI, MoA, ETIDI, WARC, and EIIDE also participated from federal administration. The workshop was chaired by the Head and Deputy Head of the Regional Bureau of Agriculture.

In their opening remarks, Deputy Head of RBoA, Ato Tesfahun Mengiste and TIRET Corporate Deputy CEO, Ato Berhan said these workshops would help share ideas and gather stakeholders’ inputs for contract farming. Following the opening speech, ETIDI highlighted Ethiopian cotton review and EP presented the customized contract farming model and the draft MoU for the regional steering committee.

Participants were divided into two groups during the second round of the discussion, where the first group discussed the Regional Steering Committee MoU and the second group developed a detailed plan and selected six kebeles (Koki, Mender 6-7-8, Shinfa, Tumet, Metema Yohannes, Das) to implement contract farming. In addition, they have developed a plan to manage inputs, extension services, contract management, and finance. At the end of the discussion, the project was officially launched by assigning federal and regional institutions to take responsibility. Moreover, agreements have been made to undertake a Regional Steering Committee assessment meeting after four weeks.