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Our Work

Established in 2013, Enterprise Partners is a social enterprise facilitating market development in order to create jobs and raise incomes of Ethiopians, particularly women, living in poverty.



Enterprise Partners is established to facilitate agro-industrial growth and enables access to finance in Ethiopia.


Agro-industrial growth and improved access to finance in Ethiopia will lead to increased job and income opportunities for poor people, particularly women. Enterprise Partners hopes to make an impact by facilitating the creation of 45,000 jobs (consisting of 75% women) and increasing the incomes of 65,000 poor households.


The project is funded by the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID), and implemented by DAI and its consortium partners; First Consult, Itad, Enclude, and BCaD. Enterprise Partners uses the Making Markets Work for the Poor approach (M4P), to achieve this impact.


                                              EP Theory of Change 


Enterprise Partners identifies key constraints to job and income growth, and develops socially and environmentally responsible strategies for overcoming them by working with industry actors to introduce new business models. This will lead to better business practices, improving the environment and investment generation in Ethiopia, creating job and income opportunities for the poor.  


Enterprise Partners seeks to foster growth and development through the M4P approach in the following areas:  


Agro-industry: Enterprise Partners plans to strengthen market systems in three of the Ethiopian government’s priority sectors; garments, leather, and horticulture.  


Access to finance: Enterprise Partners plans to strengthen financial systems in Ethiopia by increasing the level of inclusion of the poor into formal financial networks and by enabling investment for SMEs, and large enterprises.





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